African Sideneck Turtle with 125 Gallon Aquarium (Laramie)

I am looking to rehome my African Sideneck turtle. I no longer have the time to dedicate to him. He is extremely docile, and a bit shy. I would like him to go with his current setup. I have invested well over one thousand dollars on this setup. His setup consists of the following:

125 Gallon Aquarium with Stand (Background painted black)
Black Sand and Pictured Decor
300 Watt Heater
Fluval FX6 Cannister Filter
48" ZooMed UV Light
ZooMed Basking lamp with UV light Bulb (2 different bulbs in one fixture)
ZooMed XL Basking Dock (This is the largest size you can buy and he loves it!)
Current Food (Aquatic Turtle Food and Blood Worms)
2 Albino Corydora Catfish
Light timers/ Powerstrips

I've had this turtle for close to 5 years. He was a rescue from a 20 gallon tank, and I gave him the setup he deserves. This turtle will not do well with other aquatic turtles. Combining turtles in one tank is not a good idea. He is great for children. There have never been any aggression issues whatsoever. When picked up he tucks in his shell. If he is out of his tank, he will find somewhere dark to hide, and sleep. He has been an excellent pet, but I am not dedicating the proper amount of attention.

This is a fairly low maintenance setup, but the water does need to be changed weekly. I will provide the tools to do so. He gets a 100% water change every week.

There are no gimmicks or catches. Everything works as it should. What you see is what you get. I would like to get $500 for the entire setup. This is a minimal cost considering the amount of time and money I have dedicated to create this.
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