Dear Gang Stalkers in Shitland (Shitland wy)

I thought your job is to upset me and make me mad and torcher me to the break of insanity. Well its not working on me, as a matter of fact most of the stupid shit you do is fucking funny like the too too twane man and the mobbing crap and how about that mimicking theatrics bull shit. Funny stuff if I do say so myself. Is that highway sound of loud trucks and cars that you create from speakers and a recording being played loudly in the cars and trucks on I-25 suppose to make me go coo coo for coco puffs? Also whats up with all you retards talking crap and saying stupid things that make no sense to try to make me look stupid but instead it makes them look and sound like they came from the farm of retards Inc. All of this stupid shit your doing to me must be getting expensive and will continue to be expensive forever because your stupid and I'm not. I figured out the other morning when you retards wake me up early it costs you 5k just to wake me up so I can go to my couch and watch tv and fall asleep, I sleep better watching tv sooooo you loose yet again. Again, your job is to drive me crazy but instead it makes me laugh and happy knowing your wasting all that money for nothing but a good laugh. lol. Ifyou see too too twane man, tell him he's funny and I'm sorry I upset him because my noises are louder then his are. toooooo tooooooo-lol.
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